Account-based Marketing Campaign

Identify a list of target industries and accounts to build your pipeline and exceed your sales goals through a laser-targeted ABM campaign for sales enablement.

About the service

Our account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns will accelerate the velocity of your products and services while helping you build your target list of ideal prospects.

Execute a highly targeted marketing campaign that appeals directly to the pain points and priorities of the decision-makers in your ideal organizations.

Partner Benefits

Campaign strategy & implementation

Develop audiences and build creative messaging that connects to a core value proposition and creative assets

Customer journey mapping

Identify two key customer personas, including geography, industry, size, and job titles

Sales enablement

Learn processes to increase points of contact, qualify leads, and accelerate handoff to the sales team to create more opportunities

Won deals

We enable your sales team to win co-sell deals in targeted enterprise accounts

Key Results

15:1 ROI

On average, partners experience a 15:1 return on investment (ROI) upon completion of the campaign


Highly-qualified, talk-ready leads in enterprise target accounts


Horizontal and vertical stakeholder engagement: multiple roles and departments targeted

Key Results


Starting from USD $24,900 + USD $2,500 ad spend

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