The digital workplace movement escalated into a revolution in mere months during 2020 empowering people to collaborate efficiently and effectively from anywhere.
In 2021, the new normal is work from anywhere. Companies and organizations are having to re-open and adjust to a hybrid work environment, with some staff returning to the office and others remaining at home. With the demand for hybrid virtual meetings, webinars, events and classrooms at an all-time high, Crestron saw an opportunity to take their Unified Communication solutions for enterprise and education to market.
Transcends activated an always-on digital marketing funnel to enable Crestron to engage with both the government and education sectors in Singapore, aiming to educate them about how to create and optimize a hybrid work environment. In this highly-targeted six-week engagement, Transcends turned on:
  • LinkedIn lead-generation ads with A/B testing of ‘highlighting hybrid workspace and calling out their profession’ value-added content.
  • Geo-targeting of facilities, operations, HR, office, IT managers and decision makers in government, enterprise and the education sector in Singapore.
  • Above industry average CTR (

40 new leads generated

Over the course of a six-week campaign.

37.5% C-Suite level leads

Across enterprise and education audiences.

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