Client Stories

Marketing Agency of Record

HELUX, a leader in the delivery of content services products, is a Microsoft Preferred Partner in Content Services and a Partner in Collaboration & Content & Application Development. Transcends currently delivers a full suite of marketing and partnership services to HELUX.

IT Security in Uncertain Times

A Microsoft Partner, SUSE, wanted a fresh take on theirLinux on Azure open-source solution and to build aninnovative campaign during uncertain times.

Enabling remote work for Microsoft Teams users

Over the course of the year following the start of a global pandemic, we worked with SelfDrvn to effectively scale their business. Our work with the award-winning Microsoft Partner resulted in hundreds of marketing qualified leads.

Bridging into the highly competitive US Market

Letsignit, an accomplished Microsoft Partner in their home country of France, needed to grow their business with a strategic partner in the US fast.