co-sell concierge

About the service

This 8-week program enables Partners to sell more with Microsoft though the achievement of Co-Sell status and a live, evergreen listing in the Commercial Marketplace.

Transcends provides strategic oversight on the Co-Sell and Marketplace listing process, an audit of the existing Partner Center set-up, and recommendations on best practices, optimization techniques, and white glove service to make it all happen.

Partner Benefits

Co-Sell Status

Obtain your official ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status to begin working with the Microsoft field

Sales enablement

Have a beautifully designed bill-of-materials that communicates a powerful value proposition to Microsoft field sellers

Get to know Partner Center

Audit your existing Partner Center set-up and receive both optimizations and training on items like listing creation and deal registration

Key Results

Personalized roadmap

Personalized roadmap for Partners Co-sell and Marketplace journey

Co-Sell Ready Status

Achievement of Co-Sell Ready status for a given App or Consulting Service Solution (Transact listings + $3k)

Sales enablement

Sales enablement bill-of-materials (BOM): One-Pager, Pitch Deck

Marketplace listing

1x optimized Marketplace listing

Audit and training

Partner Centre audit and training

Key Results

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