Tips for Transitioning to a Hybrid Work Model

Hybrid Work


Tips for transitioning to a hybrid work model 


It’s never too early to plan for the hybrid workplace. Here are some tips for transitioning to a hybrid work model:  



Communication is key 


As many know from work styles transitioning, work may not always happen at the same time for employees. There might be differing time zones of teams working remotely or employees offline at certain hours. This can certainly be a challenge for collaborating, communicating, and meeting deadlines!  


In addition, anything said in a hybrid or remote video meeting has the potential to be misheard or lost in translation. If employees are not able to attend the meeting, they will have to hear back from second-hand information. 


Our suggestion to improving communication: Be more intentional with your time when both you and your co-workers are online at the same time. Gather your thoughts in writing and share them with your coworkers, whether that is in a one-on-one message, to a specific team channel, or in an email.  


When in meetings, take notes whether that is on paper, in a notes app, an online document, or recorded. One of our favourite tools for recording important meeting conversations is Otter AI. This app types out meeting notes for you and is great for referring back to rich notes.  



Be cyber secure 


When supporting a hybrid workforce, your company should consider these cybersecurity best practices: 


  • Data backups 
  • Employee training 
  • Good password management 
  • The use of two-factor authentication  
  • Frequent updates to your operating system  
  • The use of a firewall 
  • The installation of anti-malware software 

Meet your coworkers – In person (when safe) or virtually! 


Transcends – Channel Partner Marketing operates on a remote-first basis with employees located in Canada, New Zealand, and India. Although our team is spread apart, some of us have had the opportunity to meet our coworkers. Before the pandemic, our team had some great opportunities to meet one-on-one. In 2019, Xanthe flew all the way from New Zealand to meet our CEO, Ashleigh, at a Microsoft Seattle conference! In early 2020, Ashleigh planned a trip out to Tofino, where all the Canadian employees could take part in planning out the next year.  

If it is not possible to meet in-person, you can take steps to create and maintain strong social bonds across your team too, so they don’t feel isolated. Here are some virtual ideas for getting to know your coworkers from home:  


  • Coffee chats 
  • Virtual Lunches 
  • Virtual Book Club 
  • Company Contests and Challenges 


The future of hybrid work 


Moving forward, companies will need to be flexible to survive in the ever-changing landscape of jobs. With leading tech companies changing to a permanent remote structure, companies need to adapt to keep pace.  


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