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The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards (POTYA) celebrate excellence, innovation, and impactful collaborations. They recognize Microsoft’s global partners for outstanding successes across all industries, solutions and regions, and they are an excellent way to elevate your Microsoft partnership. Microsoft Inspire, the largest partner event of the year, serves as the glitzy stage for the winners and finalists to be celebrated.  

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the tech industry or a feisty startup, these awards are for you. There are more than 54 award categories to choose from, plus country and region specific categories, so it is important you take time to review the guidelines and select the most suitable category/categories for you. Remember, if you don’t meet all the criteria for the award category, you shouldn’t be submitting for that award!  

The POTYA are so much more than adding another trophy to your shelf or badge to your website. The benefits are impactful and far reaching. Here are just a few of them:  

  • Increase your brand awareness within Microsoft. Some former winners have reported a 30% increase in referrals from Microsoft since winning.  
  • Increased Microsoft support can lead to access to their Marketing Development Fund (MDF). 
  • Open doors to new opportunities and collaborations as a recognized leader in your field. 
  • Benefit from Microsoft’s promotions of your winning solution or service through their various channels.  
  • These awards are globally recognized, helping you build immediate trust and credibility with your clients, and potential clients, by being a POTYA finalist or winner.  
  • And most importantly, being recognized for their hard work and innovation is a huge boost for your team! 

The deadline for POTYA submissions is 6pm PT on April 3, 2024, which means there’s no time to waste in crafting your winning submission. Writing a winning submission can feel daunting, but the team at Transcends Marketing are seasoned experts who understand the significance of being recognized as a Microsoft Partner of the Year. Our team loves to delve into your stories of innovation, collaboration and success and have a deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem. To date, every partner that Transcends Marketing has written a submission for, has either won or finalized! To share this incredible wealth of knowledge and to help you get your moment of glory on the Microsoft Inspire stage, we have put together a handy one pager to guide you through how to identify your Microsoft superpower, and important part of crafting your submission. If you are ready to unleash your partnership potential and embark on the journey to POTYA success, download our exclusive Microsoft superpower guide today and arm yourself with the insights and inspiration you need to write a top tier submission that captivates the judges and sets you apart from the competition.  

Although we are unable to support anymore partners in this year’s POTYA, make sure you get in touch to discuss POTYA 2025. It is never too early to plan to win.  

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