Microsoft Designer, the new AI image generator.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the digital marketing scene. Gone are the days when digital marketers had to spend hours looking for the perfect image or a template that would be suitable for an ad campaign. Now, all we need to do is describe the type of image we want, and Microsoft Designer’s AI auto-generates a library of pictures and graphics that are ready to be used for creative assets.

Microsoft announced this new graphic design app during their Ignite 2022 Conference and revealed the app allows you to choose from a variety of unique designs and images with the help of AI. These images can be used for all your marketing needs, including social media and ad campaigns. This impressive new tool will save time and improve creative outcomes for everyone, regardless of their design experience.

So how does it work? Powered by DALL-E 2 technology, Microsoft Designer creates new and original images based on written descriptions. You can also provide additional specifications such as location, color palette, size, or art style, as well as the app assisting with size and alignment, ensuring consistency across content. The power of the AI does not end there as you can also add your own images or text, which the app will integrate into the AI generated content and make homogeneous through the “design ideas” option.

Microsoft Designer’s announcement comes at a time when generative AI technologies have taken the internet by storm.  Microsoft is pioneering this new area of technology to improve and broaden its existing Office suite of products and we could not be more excited.

However, Microsoft acknowledges that AI-powered tools do come with some risks, like potential abuse or hate speech. Microsoft will not tolerate this so has implemented control filters to prevent the platform from generating images that could violate its content policies.

For now, the application is in a testing phase where users can use it for free to help improve it. Later, Designer will be integrated into the Office 365 Suite and will be available to those who have an individual or family subscription.

In addition to the announcement of Designer, Microsoft revealed the launch of Image Creator for Bing. This feature also uses DALL-E 2 technology and will be similar to Designer. By typing a description and providing some additional context, AI will generate an image.

Image Creator will be available to a small number of users for feedback before being rolled out to the public. The platform will debut at and unlike Designer, this feature will not require an Office 365 subscription.

Very exciting news for all the content creators around the globe. It has never been easier to approach a blank canvas!
If you are like us and cannot wait to start using Designer, we have big news for you – Microsoft opened a waitlist for those who want to start using the platform as a tester. Do not miss the opportunity and join the waitlist here:

You can also check out this 30 second video that Microsoft shared on their social channels to see the app in action:

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