Navigating the AI Revolution: Tools to Empower Marketers

The exponential growth of AI and the widespread adoption emphasizes the transformative power it has. The global AI market grew 26.5% in 2024 to US$241.8 billion, and studies have found that over 77% of global companies are either using or exploring the use of AI. It is evident that AI is not just a trend, but an important aspect of modern business. However, 46% of marketers report feeling overwhelmed by how to integrate AI into their daily processes and workflows, so we are here to help. As marketers, we tend to be ideas people, and an idea is only worth something when it’s executed. With the power of AI, marketers can bring more of their ideas to life quicker, and luckily, there is no shortage of incredible AI tools to incorporate into your MarTech Stack. Here are some of our top tools to help you effectively leverage AI. 


Tools to expedite and elevate your copy writing: 

  • ChatGPT
    One of the most popular tools on the AI market with 14 billion visits between Sept 2022 and August 2023. The widespread adoption of this generative AI tool was fuelled by its free service offering and its mainstream media coverage. It remains one of the most dominant AI tools in the market, thanks to its streamlined user experience and continued updates by its parent company, OpenAI. ChatGPT’s versatility, efficiency, and data analysis make it indispensable for content creation, customer engagement, and strategic planning in digital marketing.
  • Jasper
    Another versatile Large Language Model (LLM), that can generate text, translate languages, and produce content. What sets Jasper apart from others, is its adaptability. Jasper stands out for its ability to create both educational and engaging content and can be customized to meet specific user needs, such as artistic writing or technical documentation. 


If you are looking for an image solution, these are our top two: 

  • Midjourney
    Imagine you could create any image you have in mind – ultra realistic and detailed. If you can prompt it, you can create it with Midjourney. What’s particularly exciting about Midjourney version 6 is the character reference parameter that allows for consistent styling of characters in images.  


Just for everyone’s sake, don’t ask it to do anything with hands

  • Adobe Photoshop Firefly
    Firefly makes quick work of any image you want edited, just select what you want changed, write how you want to change it, and within seconds the magic happens. It not only is able to edit, but it can also create new images or parts of images. This tool has saved our social media team a lot of hours. 


Video and audio can be complex, but these handy tools will ensure they are top notch: 

  • HeyGen
    Create professional looking videos without any prior video editing experience in minutes. What makes HeyGen even better is that they use AI to generate realistic-looking avatars that can speak, move, and interact with the environment. So, you don’t even need to have a camera to be on camera!
  • Eleven Labs
    Convert text to speech and avoid the awful robotic tone that older text to speech tools have. Eleven Labs generate speech that’s indistinguishable from human speech, allowing you to narrate content or translate it into other languages. Whether you’re thinking videos, podcasts, audiobooks, or even AI chatbots, you can bring it to life with lifelike voices.

Enhance your SEO: 

  • Surfer SEO
    Optimize written content for SEO purposes, assess over 500 on-page signals and make use of the handy built-in keyword research tool. With Surfer SEO, marketers can analyse the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) for their target keyword and utilize the insights to optimize their own content accordingly. The concept behind Surfer SEO is that if you copy what your top-ranking competitors are doing with their on-page SEO strategies, it can boost your own SERP ranking.
  • Content at Scale
    Content at Scale is designed for long-form SEO content creation. It creates high-quality content that is undetectable by most AI content detection systems. It also suggest keywords based on top-ranking content, a WordPress plugin for seamless publishing, and the ability to write entire high-quality blogs in seconds. 
  • Keyword
    Keyword Insights generates thousands of keyword ideas, organizes them into topical clusters, and effortlessly creates or optimizes content. It aims to save time and improve SEO performance without requiring any specialized expertise from users.

Send your sales soaring with these handy lead and customer journey tools: 

  • FullStory
    Gain insights into how consumers engage with your digital platforms as they progress through their customer journeys. This tool identifies issues, highlights opportunities for conversion improvement, and provides real customer experiences behind data points, while also allowing you to record, retroactively, consumer page sessions. This provides invaluable insights on how to optimize landing pages and ensure there are no roadblocks that could cause users to opt out of the funnel. Furthermore, its no-code, low-dev implementation means a quick setup across the organization.
  • Humantic.AI
    Build your lead lists, enrich your leads with data sources across the web, write hyper personalized emails with AI, and automate your outbound efforts at scale in seconds to land more meetings. With tools like Humantic.AI, outbound is not only efficient, but also effective, allowing you to proactively go after your ideal clients instead of waiting for them to come to you.  


And finally, the powerhouse tool that does it all: 

  • Copilot
    The AI assistant everyone needs. This powerful tool can improve productivity and efficiency in many areas of business. For marketers, Copilot analyzes trends, audience preferences, and language nuances, enabling marketers to craft personalized and impactful messaging, content and experiences that drives engagement and conversions. Its real-time feedback and suggestions ensure that each piece of content is optimized for maximum effectiveness.  


As we navigate the evolving landscape of marketing, embracing AI is not just advantageous but imperative for staying competitive. By harnessing the power of AI tools, marketers can unlock new possibilities, drive efficiency, and ultimately, achieve greater success in their endeavours. At Transcends Marketing, we’re committed to empowering marketers with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in an AI-driven world. The tools listed here are a drop in the ocean when it comes to the ever-increasing options available to us, so if you think we are missing out on an amazing AI tool, let us know!  


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