The Benefits of Remote Work

At Transcends Marketing, being remote-first isn’t just a catchphrase – it’s at our core. Long before COVID-19 changed the workplace, Transcends Marketing was pioneering the fully remote concept with Digital Freedom a core company value 

A quick Google of remote work can bring up doom and gloom about lowered productivity and poor employee engagement, but is that really the case? After five years of success, we have tried, tested and measured a bunch of innovative remote work approaches and tools. Here are our top benefits of remote work: 

Our 5 top benefits of having a remote team


We are productivity champions:
A Harvard Business Review study found that remote workers completed almost an additional day’s worth of work each week in comparison to the in-office employees. By avoiding the commute and being in a less distracting workspace, remote workers tend to work longer hours and take shorter breaks.  

At Transcends Marketing, we agree. Escaping the typical office distractions and chatter gives us the mental space to dive deep into our tasks and crack tough problems. By having the flexibility to work from home and only needing to travel to the other room to start work, we find we aren’t clock watching like we used to in the office either.


Virtual meetings are shorter and more efficient:
Remember all the extra logistics of organizing in-person meetings? The room bookings, AV set up, travel logistics, small talk and coffee orders, not to mention the associated costs as well. Thankfully none of this is necessary for virtual meetings. Not only can you gather a geographically dispersed team for the cost of an online meeting subscription, but with the recording and transcript features available, it doesn’t matter as much if someone cannot attend.  

With virtual meetings we also tend to skip unnecessary meetings that could easily be handled with a quick email or Teams message, and if we finish early, the meeting is over. According to Harvard Business Review, online meetings length has dropped from 45min average length to 33min – none that awkward small talk! It’s all about working smarter, not harder—less talk, more action for a productive day at work.


Water cooler chatter can still exist in the virtual world:
Just because we aren’t popping into the break room for a cup of coffee and a chat, doesn’t mean we can’t learn about and collaborating with our colleagues. Transcends Marketing has tested lots of tools to drive employee engagement and facilitate small talk. Our CEO speaks passionately about this in a recent Fast Company article, a snippet of which is below:  

  1. Humantelligence: A personality test for the world of modern and remote work. Pop-up collaboration tips appear in the flow of work to help improve human connection, team performance, and meeting effectiveness. Every new team member at Transcends Marketing completes a Humantelligence profile and shares it with colleagues sparking deep, authentic communication. 
  1. Karma bot: Gamify karma with an “in the flow of work” experience for Teams or Slack with KarmaBot. Employees award each other celebratory points based on company values for perks like a day off work, a new remote work set-up, or an AirBnB stay anywhere in the world. Celebrate the small things—it’s fun! 
  1. Viva Goals: Our home for objectives and key results at Transcends Marketing, whether at a global company level or right down to the individual. And one item we always include in our OKRs to foster connection? A personal objective like a fitness goal or book club target.

We love the flexibility:

Not only does being remote allow us to work with a diverse and international team, but not commuting, having shorter meetings and being able to work from anywhere in the world is a huge motivator for many of our team, and for many other remote workers around the world.  

This flexibility works for everyone and benefits everyone. A research study by Forbes stated that employees are 87% more likely to love their job if they work from home. From our personal experience, we have found that the increased trust and flexibility that comes with remote work makes our team feel more valued, helping us retain happy employees.

Access to global talent:

Transcends Marketing’s current team is spread across the USA, Canada and New Zealand. We previously had colleagues in Australia, India and Singapore as well. Being able to hire worldwide means our access to global talent is limitless and allows us to better serve our global clients.  

Fun fact: at our recent sales kick-off in Mexico, we discovered something awesome – among us, we can speak a total of 17 different languages! It is all about breaking down barriers and bringing diverse perspectives to the table. We believe in embracing talent from all corners of the globe, making our team richer and more diverse than ever.


While we proudly embrace remote-first culture as an integral part of our identity, it’s important to note that we’re not remote only – it’s all about finding the right rhythm for our team and spending quality time, in person when we can. For us this is a minimum of once a year when the full organization flies to a destination for our annual retreat, RISE. We also have casual monthly or quarterly get togethers with colleagues that live close by.  

In January 2024 we hosted our annual sales kick off in Mexico – bonus in person time for everyone! The 4 days were full of sun, fun, connecting and learning. For many, it was the first time they had met in person, and it was clear how much this in person connection accelerated friendships and strengthened the team’s connection and trust.

Over the past five years, we’ve seen and proven the benefits of remote work, but we’ve also learned the value of balance. Our approach combines the best of both worlds – remote-first for our day-to-day paired with those unforgettable in-person experiences that make our team stronger. Here’s to finding the sweet spot between the digital and human aspects of work.   

Although Vancouver, BC is my home, I am embracing our value of Digital Freedom and am writing this blog from the sunny shores of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. How cool is that for a workplace view? 


Pictures from our annual sales kick off in Mexico 

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