Top 10 ways to maximize ROI at your next tradeshow

Top 10 ways to maximize ROI at your next tradeshow
Top 10 ways to maximize ROI at your next tradeshow

After a two-year hiatus, in-person events are finally back. Are you ready?  

We all became incredibly comfortable with virtual events and remote work, so the hybrid and in-person events world can seem daunting and unfamiliar. Not to worry, as we know events at Transcends Marketing, and our decades of experience can help make your next event the ultimate success.  Don’t leave yourself scrambling to pull together your event presence and tradeshow strategy at the last minute, check out our top 10 tips to make it a smash hit. 

  1. Plan ahead.  Take advantage of early-bird exhibitor pricing by mapping out your events strategy in advance. If you are designing and developing a unique booth, you’ll need substantial lead time for design and production. We recommend starting this process at least 3-4 months ahead.  
  2. Leverage digital marketing.  Create a strategy that includes pre-event, onsite, and post-event digital initiatives.  This can range from organic posts to paid ad campaigns to promote your event presence. Transcends Marketing offers events services packages that range from end-to-end marketing to simply pre- or post-event support. 
  3. Develop key messaging.  Before writing your elevator pitch, identify your event theme and the “why” behind your tradeshow presence.  You’ll likely be spending hours speaking with attendees about your products and services, so find a creative way to present your brand at the show.  Book a workshop with Transcends Marketing for help generating your next big idea. 
  4. Create a booth schedule.  Tending the booth all day can be exhausting, so set up a schedule for team members to take breaks, attend breakout sessions, and roam the tradeshow floor to network.  We recommend a minimum of 3 representatives at a tradeshow booth, although larger booths require more. 
  5. Capture leads. Establish what technology will be used to accomplish lead capture and who will be responsible.  The best method is using a scanner or digital form to collect attendee information, but be sure to review relevant data privacy and consent laws when creating electronic forms.  In addition to capturing leads, come equipped with a notetaking strategy to keep a record of key leads and additional information.   
  6. Bring business cards.  You may not hand one out to every person you meet, but in our digital age, printed business cards are a great way to stand out from the crowd.  You never know when that business card you handed out might resurface in someone’s wallet the same day they are thinking about their need for products and services. Sometimes, it’s just kismet.  
  7. Provide value Tradeshow attendees see a lot of booths in one day.  In addition to your company’s value proposition, come up with fun ways to add value for your potential leads.  Consider offering a contest with enticing prizes, offering “show special” pricing on your products or services, or giving out sustainable and functional branded swag items that won’t end up in a landfill.     
  8. Be professional. Tradeshows are a lot of fun, but attendees pay a lot to attend and there is an unspoken appreciation for exhibitors who show up as pros.  Keep your booth area tidy, avoid chewing gum and put your phones away to make space for your visitors.  People are a lot more likely to stop by if your energy is inviting and available. 
  9. Host a happy hour.  When your target audience is gathered in one place, create the after-party.  This takes some extra planning and promotion, but it is a great way to build relationships and show gratitude to clients.  Consider partnering with another complementary company to host the event and split the costs. 
  10. Nurture your leads.  Returning to your desk after a tradeshow can be chaotic, and it is easy to forget about your new connections.  Create a lead nurture strategy and roll it out within a week post event. This could be a digital remarketing campaign, follow-up emails, or 1:1 LinkedIn reach-outs, just make sure to strike while the iron is hot.  Use Transcends Marketing’s expertise for your post-event lead nurture strategy and execution.  

Reach out to Transcends Marketing for help with your next event or tradeshow presence.  Subscribe to our newsletter for more marketing and events tips. 


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