Transcends Express – May 2024 Edition

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We have much to applaud this month. We’re thrilled about the resounding success of the MicrosoftAI Partner Innovate roadshow in Australia / New Zealand. Our team’s hard work and dedication was showcased through event planning and support.

The countdown has officially begun for RISE! Every year, the Transcends Marketingteam members gather for a week of team building, planning and growth. We can’t wait for the Transcends team members to get together for this unique event.

Throughout the month, we’ve been actively participating in multiple industry events, learning, collaborating and continuing to forge valuable partnerships that will undoubtedly propel us forward in our mission.

In the spirit of embracing technology, we’re excited to introduce Microsoft Copilot to Transcends Marketing, revolutionizing how we work and boosting our productivity to new heights. Copilot, can you please help me write this newsletter?

Keep reading to discover more about what we’ve been up to, discover industry insights, and dig into the world of #AI.

What’s Trending at Transcends

Microsoft AI Partner Innovate

The Microsoft AI Partner Innovate Roadshow wrapped up this month and the final event was an absolute blast. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this event such a hit. A huge shout out to the amazing Transcends Marketing team members who worked closely with Microsoftto bring the event series to life.

Our CEO at Microsoft Build

Our CEO and founder, Ashleigh Vogstad, attended #MicrosoftBuild in Seattle last week. The event was a fantastic opportunity to explore the latest innovations and connect with industry leaders. She returned with fresh insights, inspiration and opportunities that will drive our next wave of growth. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new ideas that we’ll be implementing soon!


Microsoft Copilot

Exciting update! We’re thrilled to announce we’re bringing Microsoft Copilot to Transcends. This AI tool is a game-changer for collaboration and productivity, helping us work smarter and faster together. We are ready for smoother workflows and even better results!

SupaHuman Podcast

Don’t miss our CEO Ashleigh Vogstad chatting with Dave Howden on the SupaHuman AI podcast. They discuss the impact of #AI on channel marketing, its effects on the Microsoft ecosystem, and how the team at Transcends Marketing are adopting it. Subscribe to their channel and don’t miss the episode

Microsoft Trends Report

Microsoft has released their 2024 Work Trends Report, and the verdict is in: 2024 is the year AI at work gets real. #GenerativeAI usage has almost doubled in the last six months, with a whopping 75% of global knowledge workers now utilizing it. As the pace and volume of work increase, employees are turning to their own #AI solutions to keep up. Are you ready to embrace the #AIRevolution? Download it today

Microsoft Trends Report 2024

Ultimate Partner Executive Summit Event

Don’t miss your chance to join the Ultimate Partner Executive Summit this Thursday (5/30)! This must-attend event focuses on strategic execution and accelerating FY24 priorities. Our CEO, Ashleigh Vogstad, will host a fireside chat with Laurent Mechain, Dexter Hardy and Jeremy Alt, discussing the secrets to being a successful Microsoft partner. Register here.

Ultimate Partner

Insights and Inspiration: The latest articles you can’t miss

#1 Blog – AI Educational Series: Responsible AI

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) holds immense promise for businesses across industries. However, with this transformative power comes the responsibility to ensure that AI technologies are developed and deployed in a way that prioritizes ethical considerations, fairness, transparency, accountability, and societal well-being…keep reading

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