Doing More With Less: What Got Microsoft Partners Excited For FY23 After Day 1 of Inspire.

“We want you to be successful, so you can help the world around us be more successful. This is our collective purpose” Satya Nadella

Microsoft Inspire 2022, aka the biggest Microsoft Partner event of the year, kicked off today with Satya Nadella’s keynote speech where Microsoft announced new key improvements and changes for FY23. Transcends Marketing is here to bring you a brief recap of everything that you need to know from this first day.


1. ISV Success Program: Microsoft is deeply invested in every ISV’s success. Customers need more SaaS support than ever before. Microsoft’s goal is to support your build across the MSFT Cloud. The marketplace is at its core – a set of co-sell resources, and additional benefits for those who build with Microsoft.

2. Co-sell updates:
This guide will walk you through the requirements in getting your app CSP Channel Ready and will help ISVs who have built and published a monetized Teams app to scale their business through Cloud Solution Providers
Download the guide here:

3. Industry clouds and Industry-specific solutions are getting even more updates and focus this year to better align with the end customer. The goal is to understand each industry and create more opportunities for partners to engage.

4. Microsoft just announced big changes to its partner programs. The Microsoft Partner Network will become the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, with consecutive changes to competencies and incentives to follow by October 2022.

5. Microsoft Azure: FY23 is going to be a year of migration for Microsoft Azure Partners. Less than 10% of IT spend is currently in the cloud, so there is a lot of room to grow. Microsoft is rolling out multiple key initiatives to promote cloud migration. key opportunities are:

-Microsoft Server and SQL Server (+VMware).
-Linux migration with Red Hat and Suse.
-Remote productivity with Azure Virtual Desktop.
-Tier 1 mission-critical workloads including SAP and Oracle.

6. Microsoft Viva Updates
-10,000+ clients and Millions of users since its inception.a few years ago.
-Adding a bunch of new modules: Engage, Insights, Connections, Topics, Goals, and Sales. All of these are aimed at broadening Viva’s offering and promoting end-to-end learning and sales solution.

7. Microsoft Security Updates:
-Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty to help organizations build and digitally transform workloads in the Microsoft Cloud while meeting their compliance, security, and policy requirements.
-Microsoft Entra product family – 2 new product categories: Permissions, Management, and Verified ID.

8. Attract, retain and help the women in your business through the Women Rising program, where Microsoft and partners will guide companies to empower women on their career and leadership journey, plus insights and support for business leaders and allies so they can help women rise.

9. The Top Opportunities in Solution Plays for FY23;
-Innovate with new cloud-native experiences
-Modernization of application and data estates
-Migrate infrastructure and mission-critical workloads.

10. Hybrid work updates:
-Teams Connect – seamlessly collaborate internally/externally within Teams
-Metaverse to Teams – 3D avatars coming soon
-Excel Live: share and edit the file from the meeting window of MS Teams
–LiveShare co-watch, co-edit and co-create content
-Collaborative annotations and video share – allows a whiteboard-like experience in MS Teams.

Key Insight: Content is King! In a post covid world, potential buyers need 27 digital touchpoints before they will be willing to engage. To ensure you are top of mind for your target audience, make sure you produce valuable content regularly.

With the Microsoft landscape changing rapidly after all these announcements, you need a guide you can trust. Drop us a note today.

Also, stay alert for our key insights for Microsoft Inspire day 2.

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