What you need to know to Win the Ecosystem

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, partnerships have become more crucial than ever. Collaborations offer the potential to leverage expertise, resources, and networks, resulting in amplified success. Winning with Ecosystems Digital Summit recently exemplified the power of partnerships and bought together many industry leaders. Transcends Marketing’s founder and CEO, Ashleigh Vogstad, joined a panel to discuss “Acquiring Partners and Customers with Modern Marketing”, and was joined by Lauren Holland, ISV & Partner Marketing at Microsoft and Dux Raymond Sy, Chief Brand Officer at AvePoint. 

Winning with Ecosystems Digital Summit, hosted by The Ultimate Partner™ and, provided a platform for leaders, practitioners and partners to come together and talk about the intricacies of Cloud GTM strategies and Ecosystem Led Growth. The event was not just a collection of ideas; it was a blueprint for driving success by harnessing the potential of collaborative networks.

Ashleigh’s panel discussion shared some invaluable insights to navigating the Microsoft Marketplace effectively. Let’s delve into three actionable tips you can implement to boost your marketplace visibility and engagement:

  • Optimize your search terms for visibility 

It is crucial to select three search terms that are highly relevant and topical to your product or service. These search terms are the keywords that potential customers are likely to use when searching for a solution like yours.  

By choosing the right search terms, you increase the chances of your listing showing up when customers search for related products or services. 

  • Leverage Microsoft-facing audience tags 

When setting up your marketplace listing, pay close attention to the tags and checkboxes provided for your solution area and industry alignment. These tags play a significant role in determining how your listing appears to Microsoft’s CRM audience.  

Ensuring accurate and comprehensive tagging is vital to ensure your offering is visible to potential customers. Without proper tagging, even top partners have faced the issue of not showing up in search results, leading to missed opportunities. 

  • Integrate Marketplace into Go-to-Market Campaigns 

To make the most of your marketplace presence, consider integrating it into your overall go-to-market strategy. Treat the marketplace as a key element in your campaign and promote it as one of the calls to action. By doing so, you ensure that potential customers are not only aware of your marketplace listing, but are also directed to it as part of a larger engagement strategy.  

This integration could involve incorporating the marketplace link into your marketing materials, emails, webinars and other customer touchpoints. This approach helps drive traffic to your listing and increases its visibility within your target audience. 

Incorporating these insights into your approach will elevate your marketplace presence, positioning you for success in Microsoft’s dynamic ecosystem. Remember, marketplaces need marketing, it’s not just about listing products; it’s about strategically aligning with customer needs and effectively navigating the digital marketplace terrain. 

If this blog has left you craving more strategic insights and actionable tips, here’s some good news: you can now access all the summit sessions on-demand and immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge. Whether it’s optimizing marketplace visibility, leveraging collaboration networks or enhancing your go-to-market campaigns, you’ll find the necessary expertise to fuel your success. 

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